Our Mission
Guiding you through technology in the 21st Century” exemplifies our vision at Config Systems. We take great pride in our achievements providing businesses with superior, professional computer application training and business productivity solutions while supporting the business community in keeping pace with today’s ever-changing technologies.

Our Clients
Our client portfolio comprises a broad spectrum of business classifications and size. From small businesses of only a few employees up to multi-billion dollar international companies having several thousand employees; we are readily available to meet your training needs. Whether your business is for-profit, non-profit, government or anywhere in-between, Config Systems can provide a professional training solution tailored for your business.

On-Site and Off-Site Training
Config Systems' training facility is fully equipped with the latest computer hardware, software and presentation technologies available. Each attendee is provided with a computer for hands-on learning. We do not subscribe to the "hands-off" seminar format frequently found among other providers. By principally offering classes with small student/instructor ratios, each attendee benefits from a focused and personalized training experience. Should your organization prefer to receive on-site training conducted at your facility, Config Systems can easily accommodate your needs. Whether your office is across town or across the United States, we can bring the training to you. If requested, large groups can also be accomodated and we can provide all of the equipment.

Distance Training
Do you have employees who would benefit from attending training but, they are located at distant satellite offices? Config Systems is capable of conducing online meetings and webinars using the latest available technologies. We can even accommodate hybrid training sessions whereby certain attendees participate in-person and others participate remotely. Today, considering the great advancements in this method of instructional delivery, there is no loss of quality, content and focused attention.

Course Offerings and Consulting
Config Systems offers a wide array of training programs covering the most recent versions of software programs used in the market today as well as earlier versions. In order to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies, we are always updating our course offerings to suit our client’s needs. We provide training programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced level users in virtually all of our training programs.

Should your company use a custom or proprietary program developed specifically for your company or you require a customized training program, we can develop a targeted, company-specific training solution for these special applications. Through the development of specialized training, your organization will realize optimized utilization, productivity and efficiently while maximizing the return on your investment.

Value Added Benefits
Partnering with Config Systems as your training provider offers many benefits that your organization can immediately realize in addition to the aforementioned. Consider the following:

In conclusion, we invite you to contact our office to request information or schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. If you are seeking the highest level of professionalism from a computer application training provider, you need not look any further than Config Systems Incorporated. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you further regarding your training needs and discuss how Config Systems Incorporated can develop a professional training solution for your company.