Introduction to Keyboarding
Do you hunt and peck at the keyboard? Whether for business or personal use, a great majority of individuals must interact with computers in some capacity. Whether you are sending e-mail, typing letters and memos, completing electronic forms or entering data within a spreadsheet application; having solid typing skills will allow you to enter and manage information quickly and accurately. Attendance in this course on touch-typing will provide you with the necessary skills to gain more time throughout your day, which can then be devoted to other important tasks. This course was developed for those who have never participated in any formal keyboarding training and desire to improve their typing accuracy and speed. You will initially learn how to identify and access the "Home Row". You will then proceed through a series of progressive sessions, furthering your skills by learning how to access other characters, punctuation and numbers with accuracy. In addition, your touch typing skills will be perfected though a succession of skill building typing drills that will hone your accuracy and speed.

Duration: (4) 2.25 hr. sessions totaling 9 hrs.
(Prerequisite: None)